Salwa Suzy

Founder & Managing Director for Pro-Girls Foundation.

Salwa Suzy is a 24 year old South Sudanese/Ugandan Model and Philanthropist, born and raised in Uganda.

Her drive and passion is empowering girls and women. With background from South Sudan, the refugee situation in northern Uganda left her wanting nothing more than to reach out.

In 2016 she won a fashion pageant that crowned her 2016-2017 Malaria Ambassador for Afro-Scot Foundation to South Sudan. She helped sensitise South Sudanese families about Malaria.

Nothing matters more to her than the wellbeing of girls and women everythwhere.

"Women empowerment is one way to creating stronger economies".


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Opileni Hope

Co-Founder & Centre Manager for Pro-Girls Foundation.

Opileni Hope is a distinguished Model, Enterprenuer and Social Worker, born and raised in Uganda. 

Her passion for girls empowerment has led her to work with organisations like Oases Orphanage, Youth Pot Charity organisation among others, where she researched and co-ordinated empowerment programs to tackle issues like school drop-out, early marriages and early pregnancies.

She co-founded Pro-Girls Foundation in hope of changing refugee girl's and women's lives through Personal Hygiene Education, Menstrual Hygiene Management and Women Empowerment.


Aweng Mayen Chuol

Ambassador for Pro-Girls Foundation.

Aweng is a 19 year old, South Sudanese residing in Australia. She is an activist for human rights, and is very involved in humanitarian issues, she is the founder of shine light orphanages, and is always at her feet to help when needed, she is a model, a writer, a poet and first and foremost a humanitarian. She is widely known for being politically involved in immediate world crisis, also for being vocal with her opinions . Aweng is the Ambassador for Pro-Girls foundation. 

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