Urgent need for sanitary products.

"Sanitary pads are hard to get and i cant afford them, i always have to gather old papers from the rubbish pit and leaves to use whenever i am on my periods". 

Refugee girls are in urgent need of sanitary products. The act of using unclean items has led to the spread of of bacterial infections especially in teenagers. We need to help refugee girls feel comfortable with woman hood through education and giving them access to the right products.


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NO to early marriages.

13 year old Gifty in Bidibidi refugee camp.

Gifty is a teenager who has just started her periods this year. During her periods,she is left no option but to use her old clothes to make pads. 

"I dont like struggling with menstruation, it makes my life harder every 5 days of every month, i just want to get married and have children, because that way i won't have to deal with my periods anymore and my husband will be able to provide for me whatever i want", she explains. 

She strongly believes that marriage will make things right. 

Girls this young need empowerment, menstrual hygiene education and products. 

Please donate to give Gifty sanitary products and hope for a better future.

No to sexual violence (Gender based violence).

Viola sitting outside her house in Bidibidi refugee    camp

"I was raped by 3 soldiers while fleeing for safety from Yei to Uganda", says 16 year old Viola. 

In a split second, she lost her pride, dignity and freedom. And by the look of the South Sudan situation, she has no hope of getting justice. 

Sexual violence in south sudan has robbed many girls and women of their dignity leaving them in disgust, pain,and resentment.

It has cost many girls and women unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Viola is still undergoing hospital checks to determine her health.

At Pro-Girls Foundation we help girls like Viola feel safe and regain their confidence and dignity. 


Please donate to help girls like Viola in Bidibidi refugee camp.  


Empowering refugee girls.

17 year old Rose in Bidibidi refugee camp.

Rose has been resettled in Bidibidi refugee camp since August 2016, she is one of the girls who thinks she is worthless, incapable of anything accept marriage, bear children, cook and clean as it is what a woman is meant to do because society taught them so.


Refugee girls need urgent help in finding themselves, realising their position in the society and taking a stand towards development.


At Pro-Girls Foundation, we make girls like Rose realise their worth and capabilities through empowerment programs that instill confidence and economical skills. 


Please support girls like Rose in Bidibidi refugee camp towards development.


Supporting women through business start-ups.

Akiir is a mother of 2, her son was born in September 2017 in Bidibidi refugee camp. She lost her husband in the war and trekked for miles to seek safety in Uganda with her daughter while pregnant. 

Akiir and her children go days with only porridge and water, and some days nothing at all. She cant afford to provide for them any food or milk.

She asked for help several times and was turned away, being told she is strong enough to fix life for herself. Her only wish is to be able to provide milk and food for her children. 

Pro-Girls Foundation works with women like Akiir through empowerment programs that train them business skills and we later help them start their own businesses. We stand for stability and sustainability. 

We strive to help women like Akiir become stable enough to provide for their children. We can only do this through your support. 



Helping women get back on their feet.

"I am willing to work to be able to provide for my children", says Esther a refugee woman resettled in Bidibidi refugee camp. 

She is a mother to 6 children, 4 of her own and 2 orphans found along the way to Uganda. She was driven out of South Sudan with her family in 2016, while finding their way to Uganda, she witnessed her husband being shot by armed men as they claimed he would become an enermy. 

Before fleeing to Uganda, She owned a bakery in Yei which served as the main source of income. Starting up in the camp is possing to be harder. 

Some refugee women often have skills but need additional support to become self-reliant. Pro-Girls Foundation helps women through the start-up step to becoming self-suffient. 

Please donate to make our work possible.


Meeting Akiir and her children at her house in Bidibidi refugee camp.

Carrying Akiir's baby in Bidibidi refugee camp.

Woman peeling egg plants in Bidibidi refugee camp.

Refugee teenage girl cooking

Woman sitting outside her house in Bidibidi refugee camp

Entry into Bidibidi refugee resettlement.

Refugee woman from collecting firewood

Base camp

Kitchen at base camp